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Hero's Journey 

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Hero's Journey

Own your story,  Own your power

  • Lesson One

    Every good story has a hero and in your life's story, the hero is YOU!  In this lesson, we take a deep dive into the time tested narrative of the hero's journey.  This is, in it's essence the story of all humanity and the framework for healing beyond our wounds and owning our power to create a healthier body and a better life.

  • Lesson Two

    On this journey, you deserve the best technology and in this lesson you will learn about the single most powerful technology available to you. . . Your Breath!  As you muster the courage to challenge your self-limiting stories and patterns of behavior, this will be a trust- worthy tool. This lesson includes an additional guided tutorial on one of the most powerful ancient breathing techniques ever discovered.  

  • Lesson Three

    Now that you know the map and have a powerful tool, it is time start on the adventure.  Beginning with the first energy center or (chakra) you will be guided to understand how limiting beliefs about safety and security create havoc in your body and dysfunction in your relationships. You will also be introduced to fractal geometry technology and guided energy transmission to support the healing of your first energy center. 

  • Lesson Four

    This lesson is all about relationships!  Understanding how healthy relationships "make" you and unhealthy relationships "break" you.  The first and  most important  relationship that requires healing  is  the one you have with yourself.  This week you begin learning the science behind self-compassion and practicing a powerful tool to create new neural pathways.  You will also learn about the second energy center or (chakra). There is a new fractal geometry energy transmission with this lesson that will support you in clearing and healing this energy center.   

  • Lesson Five

    This lesson is all about the power of your choices.  Recognizing that it is your birth right to inhabit your authentic place in the world.  You will learn more about neuroplasticity and how this amazing human ability is the key to healing beyond survival adaptation patterns.   You will also learn about the third energy center or (chakra) and have a third fractal geometry energy transmission that will support you in clearing and healing this energy center.   

  • Lesson Six

    This lesson is all  about the power of your heart.  From both the spiritual and the material perspective, the power of the heart cannot be denied. You will also learn about the fourth energy center or (chakra) and  have a fourth fractal geometry energy transmission to support you in clearing and healing this energy center.  .

  • Lesson Seven

    This lesson is all about the fifth energy center and the power of your words. Understanding how your words determine whether you experience health or illness is one of the most important lessons on your journey. You will also learn about the fifth energy center or (chakra) and have a fractal geometry energy transmission that will support you in clearing and healing this energy center.  

  • Lesson Eight

    In this final lesson you will reflect on your hero's journey.  You will observe how you have integrated all of the tools and how the energy transmissions have supported the clearing of survival adaptation patterns that have kept you from experiencing the power and vitality that is your birthright.  You will begin to embody the truth that YOU are the hero of your story!

What Participants Are Saying


 Lora is very knowledgeable and makes you "feel" right at home with the material. This course offers each individual an opportunity to reflect and learn more about oneself- mind, body and soul. Allows one to dive deeper into their emotional and physical body to explore their past and release and forgive themselves so they learn to live a more intentional and balanced life. We are not the stories we tell ourselves!! Anything is possible!!

Invest in yourself and you will be rewarded in more ways than you can imagine.



Ashley R

Business Owner

I would highly recommend Lora’s class . She is a fabulous teacher and shares so much great information in this class. I loved learning all about the art of breathing. I use those breathing techniques in my everyday life now. I also learned so much about myself and the class each week made me want to better myself.  Lora is so down to earth and upbeat and is truly dedicated  to helping people heal and navigate through life with empowering tools. 


 You will not be sorry you took Lora’s class.



Linda H

Restaurant Owner

I am currently going through a major life transition and this course  grounded me timeless wisdom to support my process.  


It was a well-paced discussion and exploration of practices rooted in ancient wisdom traditions. These techniques, if practiced regularly and with intention, help you connect with your higher self and purpose in life and help you embrace the challenges of life with hope and expectancy.


 I especially enjoyed learning about the hero’s Journey. This provided me with a valuable framework for understanding my past  and present life experiences in a fresh new way.






Susan P


So often courses or teachers address either the "spiritual" or the "physical"

but it is so rare to experience a health care professional who blends them seamlessly together


Lora helped me to understand the relationship between my body and my spirit more clearly then ever before, while at the same time providing the tools to heal limiting unconscious beliefs.


If you really want to heal and reach your full potential, grab this unique opportunity and get started now. 


 Your future self will thank you!  






Bennett H


I would absolutely recommend this class to a friend. The hero’s Journey is the essence of the human experience. It’s a continuous cycle, and yet, if you don’t understand how it works, it’s easy to feel lost and discouraged and then make bad choices to numb the feelings. This course offers a different perspective. It empowers you to proceed through the cycle armed with helpful strategies so that you can emerge victorious.



Henry K


This course was like going in and cleaning out my psyche and it greatly expanded my knowledge of how I actually operate. It provided me tools and support to work through issues that were holding me back from living a healthier and more enriched life.  I also learned how to stay in alignment with my own guidance system.  I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to re connect with their highest and best self. It is important to move the "small-self" aside to live a deeper more connected life for ourselves and for the good of all of life. 


Briley B


This course will teach, inspire and support you as you

 claim your power to heal

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